Facial Abuse Destroys Iridal The Facial Abuse Iridal Video
Iridal Riding a Cock on Facial Abuse
Ass Fucking Iridal at Facial Abuse

The Facial Abuse Iridal Video

It takes a pair of Ovarian Testicles to even make it to the Facial Abuse set, let alone twice. That just smells like gluttony to me. Ms. Loveland is local enough to us that we can take her for walks, which is the way B-Leg started this one out. He throws the collar on the bitch and a leash to boot. I know there's a shitload of action in this flick. Watch it, you'll see. You know B-Leg delivers and under the watchful eye of the Renaissance Man himself Red... it's got to be pure art. Iridal is no schlep either. This broad is a team player and brings some big ass bolt-ons to the table. Making these movies, you realize how smooth it can go when a chick has a good attitude. We have been domesticating whores since '02, almost a decade of destruction...(evil laugh) BWAAHHAHAHAA!

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